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In the past months, we informed you about the progress of the teacher mobility research in the Caribbean Netherlands. Meanwhile, the research and the report has been completed. In this report, you can find the results and recommendations. Main themes are:

• (Re)introduction and preparation
• pull and push factors in current job
• Future expectations
• Reduce high teacher mobility
• Recommendations:
o Preparation and awareness
o Motivation
o Working conditions and HR policy

Research teacher mobility
From June 6th until June 24th, all teaching staff from the pe en se/sve schools had the opportunity to participate in the online survey that was central in this research. The survey response is very satisfying; 41% of all the teaching staff participated. For more information, see the other news items about the research:
Update research Teacher mobility 

Research on Teacher Mobility in the Caribbean Netherlands 

The full research report (only in Dutch): rapportage-lerarenmobiliteit-in-caribisch-nederland

The English summary: english-summary-teacher-mobility-carribean-netherlands

If you have any questions about the study, please contact the researchers via