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What are the UniCarib plans for the near future? In the summary below a short update is given of the most recent developments.

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For some time now the three institutions have been working on making the blended programmes that Hogeschool Utrecht has developed for Maestro Kompas suitable for their own electronic learning environments and context. UA and IPA for example are adapting several teacher training programmes, some of which are done together. These are the Bachelor teacher training programmes for Mathematics, Biology, Social Skills and Care and Health and Welfare. These programmes will not be carried out yet in the  next academic year. IPA will first focus on finishing the blended programme for primary education for the teachers on St Eustatius.

In 2016-2017 the UoC will start with a blended Bachelor teacher training for Technology teachers and with the blended variant of the LOFO on Bonaire if there are sufficient registrations. In the course of the academic year a new blended Pedagogical Certificate course and a blended Bachelor teacher training for Dutch and English teachers are considered, if there is a sufficient number of participants.

Further policy is developed within the institutions in relation to blended and online education. UA will also be making a definite choice for a digital learning environment. Besides these developments the institutions are also cooperating on setting up a portal for the UniCarib, making it possible for the institutions to share each other’s electronic learning environments. This should become more active in the coming months. UoC is coordinating the process.

In collaboration with the public body of Aruba and the United Nations Development Program, the university of Aruba is establishing an online knowledge platform for sustainable development aimed at the Small Island Development States (SIDS). This platform will be situated and managed by UA and nourished with newly developed knowledge. This in turn will also have a positive impact on the further UniCarib developments.