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In the past few years Maestro Kompas has initiated various trajectories to support unqualified teachers to obtain their teaching qualification. Rita diplomaSome of these trajectories are organized on Bonaire by the University of Curacao. For example, the UoC is carrying out some of the tailor-made Bachelor Dutch and English Teacher Training programmes for Maestro Kompas.

One of the students, Rita Vitalini, recently graduated and she has now obtained the Bachelor English Teaching degree. She thought the graduation ceremony was a fantastic experience and she really enjoyed it.

She already had teaching diplomas for primary education from Surinam and she had been working as a primary school teacher since 2004. She has been teaching English at a secondary school on Bonaire for the past six years.

She thought it was great that she got the opportunity to obtain a recognized qualification and she also notes that it was a positive part of this programme that she was able to put to practice what she learned right away. She especially found the various instructional methods interesting and she used this topic for her final thesis. Now she would like to continue to obtain a Master’s degree for English. She notes that the tailor-made trajectory was well-organized and she felt supported both by her school as by the UoC. She was offered the time and opportunity to do this teacher training programme and all in all she had a positive experience. She is grateful for this chance to obtain her qualification through MK.

In 2013 UoC also started a blended Master prograrmme for Language Teachers on Bonaire. Gerardine van Gera en EdiArneman-Figaroa, Spanish teacher, and Edicarus Carolina, Papiamento teacher, participated as part of the Maestro Kompas programme. They had been teaching at senior high school for years and now they had the opportunity to do the Master programme for their subject. Even though they thought it quite exhausting to do this in combination with a full time job they are now completing the last part and they expect to really finish by the end of 2016.

SitaLast but not least several people with a higher education background who were already teaching in further vocational or adult education were able to take a course at UoC to obtain a pedagogical certificate so they could become certified teachers. They are now ready to do their final assessment. Sita Zabarkhan, vocational teacher of Secretarial subjects, is now excited that she had this opportunity to become a certified teacher, even though she also thought it was a long way including the final thesis.