Last March 20th 2014, the University of St. Martin (USM), University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC), the University of Aruba (UA) and the Pedagogical Institution Aruba (IPA) signed the framework agreement for cooperation – UniCarib Agreement – established on the initiative of Maestro Kompas. The goal of the cooperation is to strengthen education and research in the Caribbean region in the broadest possible sense. The agreement was signed in an original way by the president, the rectors and the managing director, respectively. A unique moment, for each party signed at their own location, which was then transmitted via online video conference. All institutes captured this moment of signing themselves.



Partner cooperation content

The framework agreement is aimed at exploring possibilities for cooperation on new education and research programs, which will subsequently be implemented. In addition, parties intend to seek substantial cooperation in high-level personnel and student training, transformation of scientific and technological achievements regarding IT, E-learning and library functionalities.

Cooperation Maestro Kompas

In a first project, UniCarib partners are providing further training for un(der)qualified teachers in the Caribbean Netherlands in cooperation with Hogeschool Utrecht and the Open University Netherlands, the proponents of the Maestro Kompas project. This training has a blended learning approach; a combination of online and face to face training. As a result of this students can study from a distance in their own surroundings, though interacting with teachers and students. Furthermore, UniCarib, together with Maestro Kompas, are looking into providing structural teacher training programmes for the region through a digital platform.

UniCarib website

In the course of 2015, more information about new initiatives and about the cooperation with Maestro Kompas will be available from a separate UniCarib website.